Booster Club

St Joe's Athletic Association



Dear Friend of St Joe’s Athletics:


The St Joe’s Athletic Association Booster Club was founded to assist in the support of the Athletic programs at St Joe’s. We are making this appeal so with your help we can continue to provide the highest quality support to our parish youth.


Our goal as the St Joe’s Athletic Association is to give the youth of our parish all they need to succeed in Athletics. These expenses are offset by our fees and fundraising.  This year we will again organize and support Volleyball, Basketball, Softball and Track teams for boys and girls in 5th through 8th grades.  Expenses for these teams include league fees, clinic fees, player and coach uniforms, tournament fees, equipment and supplies.  It is also our responsibility to maintain and make improvements to the Parish Activity Center.


There are three ways to show your support:

(1)         A $25 donation to become a Club Member.

(2)         A $50 donation to become a Silver Club Member and receive a family pass to games at the St Joe’s Activity Center during the 2020-2021 season.
(3)         A $100 or more donation to become a Gold Club Member and receive a family pass to games at the St Joe’s Activity Center during the 2020-2021 season, plus acknowledgment in all St Joe’s tournament programs.

Your support is greatly appreciated as we continue to follow our mission of teaching the fundamentals of sports to our youth while developing Christian values and promoting a sense of Community to the parish.


Thank You,

The St Joe’s Wauwatosa Athletic Association

Complete the form below and mail/deliver to (checks payable to the St Joe’s Athletic Association):

St Joe’s Athletic Association

c/o Gary Wendler – Athletic Director

12130 W. Center Street

Wauwatosa, WI 53222


 Bronze Club Member ($25)     Silver Club Member ($50)     Gold Club Member ($100)


Name:              ___________________________________________________

Address:          ___________________________________________________

Telephone        ___________________________________________________

Email:              ___________________________________________________

Admission passes will be mailed or delivered to each home shortly after receipt