Concession Duty, Gym Duty and Scorers

Concession Duty
All families of participants in sports at St. Joseph Catholic School are expected to serve concession duty at least one time per student per sport.
Families that miss their scheduled concession duty forfeit their security deposit.
If you cannot make your assigned date, you are responsible for switching with another family.
Only one person per family needs to fulfill a specific concession duty date.
Make sure to sign in when you serve.

Open and Close Duty
We also have a schedule of people who will open and close the gym.
The gym is typically opened one hour before the day's first game is scheduled to begin.
Openers/Closers do not have to serve a Concession shift.

Scorers are needed for all Volleyball and Basketball games at our gym.
Scorers are paid by the game/match they work.